DIY : Luca's Apple Carrot Juice

Welcome to A Lovely Homemade Life!  One of the regular posts I'd like to share on this blog is a series called "Make it Myself Monday".  These posts will chronicle an adventure in making something from scratch, be it a large project or just a small one.

Today's offering is a special "with kids" edition.  My 4 year old son, Luca, came up with this idea all on his own, and we just happened to have all the ingredients we needed to try it out.

His very favorite juice is a boxed variety that contains apples and carrots.  I think this is pretty great already, since it has some veggie juice in it and it's one small way to get my picky preschooler to consume some vegetation.  But, while carefully inspecting the box, Luca asked if I thought we could make our own "Apple Carrot Juice."  To which I cheerily replied, "Yes we can!"

All of our ingredients, with the original product for a side by side comparison afterwards.
 So I pulled out the juicer and asked him to gather all the apples from the bowl.  These were Gala apples--crisp and tangy.  I also pulled out a couple of giant carrots and washed and peeled them.

Luca drew some instructions for us :)

He added the fruits and veggies to the juicer. 

He didn't care for the noise, but Isla thought it was great!

The finished product

Tada!  He liked it a lot!

And so did she!
 Just a simple thing to make for ourselves, but Luca was so proud that he could help and we came out with a fresh, healthy and tasty juice to share.  What products do you prefer to make yourself?


  1. I bought a juicer this year (looks like the same one) and my favorite thing to do with it is freeze the pulp and use it for smoothies. But my favorite juice is carrot, apple, orange. :-)


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