Week in Review

This week I am acutely feeling ready for school to start back up (Tuesday will not come soon enough!).  As the mom of a busy, incredibly intelligent and constantly talking 4 year old who hasn't taken naps in over 2 years (not to mention the almost walking and very curious 8 month old), I'm not quite sure what possessed me to relaunch my Etsy store and start a blog two weeks before school started back up...

But here we are.  I'm a list maker by nature, but I can't even bring myself to make up a to-do list because I'm imagining just how long that list would grow to be.  One day it'll get done...or at least most of it will.  I'm working on being content with eating my elephant one bite at a time.  Or nibble.  Or crumb...

So here's our week in review.  Just a few pics to share to highlight what it's been like around our house this week.  Enjoy!

One waffle...two children.  Luca refuses to eat his "waffle bones" (which we keep telling him is definitely not a thing) but Isla likes them just fine.

My very favorite laundry un-helper.  This child has a talent for unfolding faster than I can fold.  Maybe her interest in laundry will pan out in a few years though :)

She is such a ham!  You pull out a camera and she's right there, posing and smiling.  Silly girl!

I hope your week has been great. Enjoy your holiday weekend!

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