9 Months Already?

My baby is 9 months old already!  Sometimes it's really hard to believe, and other times it seems like she must be much older.  She has a tooth now, she's a very adventurous eater, she pulls up to everything and she cruises around at warp speed, just like her brother.  She's starting to get brave and take a wobbly step from one hand hold to another.  She's getting rather vocal, and it often sounds like she's yelling "mama!" when she's mad.

She's definitely "the eater" of the pair of them (Luca gets the distinction of being "the sleeper").  Yesterday she ate about 30 smushed black beans.  The boy, on the other hand, protested for almost an hour that there was a single bean on his plate.  He never did eat it...although it's easy to forgive him that when he sleeps from 8:30 at night to 7:15 the next morning (who needs an alarm clock?).  Take notes Little Miss! 

We're planning a quiet weekend at home full of lots of craft projects and maybe some fall comfort foods...depending on the weather.  I'll have to share some pics next Friday.  Have a great weekend!

**Special update.  After her 9 month appointment yesterday in which the doctor asked me how she slept and I mentioned 'not for more than 5 hours at a time ever in her life', he said she was probably past the point of 'needing' things at night and we should probably try letting her cry it out to get her to sleep all night.  Which would be great, since I've been up 2-6 times per night all but about 10 nights since she was born.  Sleep deprivation has completely set in and my 2 cups of coffee has turned into more like 6-8...  But I digress.  So last night, since we already knew she was going to be mad at us, my mom suggested putting her in her crib that she despises and killing two birds with one stone.  So, when she fell asleep on her own at 9pm, we popped her in her crib.  She actually stayed asleep there, which she has never done, and 45 minutes later we prepared for our big showdown.  She cried and screamed for 25 minutes, and after much comforting, but no picking up, she settled back down to sleep and slept until 7:15 this morning!  Yay!  Go girl!  Let's see how many more nights it will be until we are over the crying part :)  Hooray for a full, uninterrupted 8 hours**

See...this is the $400 crib that my daughter hates and the $40 pack and play knock-off that she prefers to sleep in... :-/

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