Week in Review

This week has been awesome!  In case you can't tell from the pics, a lot of Lego building happens around our house...and it's not just the boys!  Isla loves to play with the bigger Legos too.  It's so cute when they play together.

The pic with her arms up in the air?  Any time we say "Soooo big!" she does that.  Love her!

Luca started preschool this week.  His teacher is fantastic, and I'm really loving the small class size--there are only 6 of them so I know he gets lots of individualized attention.  He was super excited to go back, and his teacher and I are presenting a united front to get him comfortable with nap time.  (He had a bit of a traumatic experience last year and I ended up picking him up each day after lunch because nap time was such a problem)  I'm really glad he's able to participate for the whole day and I can get so much more accomplished at home with the extra time!  Way to go Luca!

Hope you have a great weekend!  See you again on Monday for Make It Myself Mondays with a special tutorial.  Cheers!

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