Yarn Along : Cookbooks count, right?

Happy Wednesday all!  I've been keeping busy this week with my mountain of projects (because everyone needs to have multiple knitting, canning, cross stitching, sewing and business projects in the works at once, right?) but I might be making a dent in the to-do list.  This week's picture is a sneak peek of a design I've been working on.  It needs a few more modifications, but it's getting close.  :)

Many thanks to everyone who downloaded my first pattern Baby Wren last week!  And an extra extra special thank you to my awesome test knitters who are working their way through the larger sizes of Sister Wren.

On Monday I shared a quick look at my recent apple canning endeavors, and yesterday I added to the stock of preserved apple creations with one (one! how did 8 apples make only one?!) jar of applesauce and a second try at the apple peel jelly.  (Still no gelling, in case you were wondering :/)

On a related note, do you like making bread from scratch?  I was always really intimidated by bread making until Artisan Bread in Five Minutes a Day was recommended to me.  (The given link will actually take you to the newest edition of the book, and full disclosure, if you were to click the link and decide to purchase the book I would receive a small percentage of the purchase price)  Five minutes a day you say?  Absolutely!  It's ridiculously easy to make all of the recipes in this book, and as long as you have the ability to measure accurately and stir you're pretty much guaranteed a great result.  I make at least one batch (but often more) a week.  Our favorite recipes are the standard Boule and the olive oil recipe.  Luca has decreed that Friday is pizza night, so it's nice to know we can make our own at home and know exactly what ingredients are in our meal.  The best is when Michael makes homemade mozzarella and we break out a jar of red pepper & tomato sauce...yum!  With such a busy week, this was about the only thing I accomplished reading, but if you're nervous about making bread or like doing it but don't very often because it's too time consuming, this book is definitely for you.

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  1. What a cute little vest! And cook books should totally count, I love that one....makes me think I need to pull it out again and get baking. Have a lovely day :)

  2. that vest is super cute! and i LOVE 5 minute artisan bread!!

  3. I seem to have just as many projects in the works. I don't can yet though. Of course cookbooks count. Some of my best reading is done with cookbooks, crafting books and magazines.

  4. What a cute vest!!! I might buy sister wren to knit a vest for my daughter.

  5. That little baby wren is really adorable, I just put it in my favorites and will be excited to see the sister wren for my bigger girls! Lovely!
    I use that book and recipe all the time in the winter so we have fresh bread to go with dinner every night that we want it! I'm glad you're enjoying it too!

  6. Love that vest, love the pompom!!

  7. Your vest design looks super cute!

  8. The vest is darling. The yarn looks very similar to what I knit Sister Wren in. Blocking today! Yay!

    I love the Artisan bread cookbook. My favorite is the Portugese bread with cornmeal in it. Yum. Makes great pizza dough, too. And recently I tried the semolina. Also really good.

    The sugar quantity in the apple jelly is probably keeping your jelly from setting. I know when I make strawberry jam, if the sugar is off at all, it's runny.

  9. I am so excited that so many people use the Artisan Bread book too! In my "in real life" circle no one has heard of it and they usually look at me rather skeptically when I mention it...that is until I provide them with samples :) Thanks for all of your kind comments everyone!

    And Barbara--you're absolutely right about the jam. The more information I've been reading about common canning problems the more I'm realizing that I have so much more to learn. For now the mantra is...stick to the recipe. Exactly. No getting fancy ;)


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