Lavender Farm

Last weekend we visited a Lavender Farm about an hour away.  It was our stand-in for the traditional orchard visit in the fall.  Lavender actually blooms in the summer, apparently, but the rosemary was going strong and smelled heavenly!

It was a lovely day, although not crisp and cool like fall days should be, but we had a nice time looking at the vendors there for the festival.  There were even a pair of alpacas from a farm nearby, but silly me, I forgot to take any pictures!  Suffice it say they were young and wooly and super soft.  We had a nice time chatting with the owners and a good time was had by all.

I'm definitely looking forward to the crisp fall air...maybe we'll get some next month?  I hope your environs are behaving appropriately...and you're getting to wear glorious hand knits without fear of overheating.  ;)  See you Monday for a DIY--have a beautiful weekend!

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