Pajamas...All Day Long

So as I'm adding pics for this post, I realize that they are *all* of my children in pajamas.  I swear we do dress them and occasionally even leave the house...but how could you know that from this selection? ;)

Aren't they just the sweetest?  They're learning to play so nicely together.  Luca adores Isla and she thinks he's pretty special too.  It's pretty clear they both have strong personalities (read: stubborn!) but they're a good team.  And I can only imagine how much trouble they'll get themselves into in the years to come.

Luca picked out a book for her at the school's book fair, and has a fun time "reading" it to her over and over. (He's a lot like I was at his age--he memorizes all of his favorite books and then does a pretty good impression of actually reading).  She loves it.

Special thanks to Gita for the Magic Science for Wizards Only set--that was a whole day's worth of activities and he had a really fun time with it.

And Isla's sweater in the last picture is Leksak. I. Love. This. Sweater.  It was a really fun and quick knit, the design is fantastic, and it will be one she can wear for months.  The Elsabeth Lavold Silky Wool yarn (in Mallard) from my favorite ladies at The Fiber Universe doesn't hurt anything either--so beautiful. 

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