The Great Quilt Rescue


Isn't this a gorgeous quilt?  I just love the colors and the design (coincidentally, if anyone knows the name of the block I'd love it if you'd tell me!  I haven't found the time yet to go searching for it).

I found this gem on a Facebook Garage Sale site in our area.  The seller was only asking $10, and from the small picture I felt reasonably sure it had been hand quilted, although I couldn't tell how it had been pieced.  So I said I'd take it!

When I picked it up from the very nice lady, she said they had used it as a blanket in their camper and it had been washed and dried countless times.  Once I got it home, I examined it and it had indeed been quilted by hand (and machine pieced).  After researching (on Pinterest) the best way to clean a quilt (hand washing and line drying) I decided to put it in the washing machine.  She said that's how they had always washed it, so I thought it would probably be fine.

It came out somewhat fluffier than how it went in, but I suppose that was to be expected.  After using it a few chilly nights, it seems to have settled down a bit.  There are just two small tears (less than 2" each) that need repairing, but it's in really lovely shape and has a really neat sawtooth edging detail.

I'd say for $10 it is a really lovely addition to my small, but growing, quilt collection.  I love the idea of "rescuing" someone's handiwork and appreciating it for the unique piece it is.  I hope I have the opportunity to add more quilts to my collection in this way.

EDITED TO ADD:  Hooray!  I stumbled upon the quilt block on Pinterest today, quite unexpectedly.  I believe this block is called "Carpenter's Wheel" or "Carpenter's Star" --Mystery solved!

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