We've been playing upstairs more these days as the weather is cooling off.  The Lego Room (formerly the Dining Room and someday the Man Cave) is on the main floor, so it's easy to spend most of our day on the main floor so Luca can play in there.  But since my Craft Room is upstairs and there's more for Isla to do without having to be moved away from things every 5 minutes, I've been insisting we get upstairs more.  See how happy she is?  Luca requested no photographs this week, but I did sneak one of the epic battle he imagined between his army guys and all manner of animals. 

Have a great weekend!  We're headed to a Lavender Farm about an hour away from here on Saturday (in lieu of our customary Fall Apple Orchard Excursion)  Oh Tanner's we miss you!


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