Yarn Along : I've Slept Since Then

Yesterday I started on the first Baby Wren for my Etsy shop.  My original goal in writing my own knitting patterns was to be able to offer original designs in my shop.  Something about that just feels right.

But since completing the pattern, I haven't had any time to actually knit any up!  I just released Sister Wren, which took up some of my available knitting time and I'm working on Baby Bluejay which has proved to be a bit trickier to write out and thus much more time consuming.

Once I finally got to a place where I could put those two designs down, I figured it would be the perfect time to work on a few Baby Wrens.  As I sat down to cast on, I realized I couldn't remember any of the details.  How many to cast on?  How many pattern rows to work?  Suffice it to say, it is a very strange feeling to work off of your own pattern.  I'm so excited to get these up in the shop though, I'll just have to learn to deal with the surreal feeling of it all :)

Michael's sci-fi reading material strikes again this week.  I finished up The Martian by Andy Weir and was casting about for a new book.  Fluency by Jennifer Foehner Wells was Michael's most recent read and at 10:30pm I didn't feel like seeking out my own book (I generally choose tweeny vampire novels...shhh...don't tell).  It's quite good so far, about a very gifted linguist chosen as a member for a highly classified space mission for her abilities to learn languages prodigiously quickly (that's foreshadowing there ;)  I'm 8 chapters in and enjoying it so far.  I did minor in Linguistics in college though, so the interest in languages is already there for me.

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