Yarn Along : Sister Wren


Good morning!  I'm feeling a little bit more caught up since last week.  I have the 2T test knit done for Baby Bluejay and am working on the 12-18 month one now.  It should be ready for test knitters soon!  I've also been hand quilting some really adorable doll quilts (like for American Girl sized dolls).  There's something really relaxing about doing the quilting by hand and seeing all the little wrinkles start to form.  Still working on The Martian.  It's been hard to put it down!  It's getting really good, and the style has me chuckling often as I'm reading.

Also, I'm so excited to be releasing my newest pattern--Sister Wren today!  My fantastic test knitters have done a great job of helping me with the pattern now and it's all ready!  Thank you test knitters!

Sister Wren is a lovely short sleeved cardigan for girls worked from the bottom up and requiring minimal finishing. It has a sweet patterned edge and a two button closure that gives it a flyaway silhouette.  You can use any worsted weight yarn you choose (The sample shown was knit in Cascade Pacific Multi). Estimated yardages are 350 yards for the 4 year old size up to 730 yards for the 12 year old size (These are generous estimates--all test knitters came in lower than the given yardage if that helps you choose and buy your yarn.  Specific yardage estimates for each size are listed on the pattern page for more info)

I hope you'll pick up a copy :)  This sweater is a very easy knit and a great layering piece for fall!  Isla really enjoyed wearing her Baby Wren to the lavender farm this weekend.  :)

More about that Friday.  I hope you'll check out my pattern and the lovely work of my test knitters and have a great week!  Linking up with Ginny for Yarn Along. 

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