Afternoon Tea

One of my favorite bloggers, Gretchen, of He Sows and She Sews has shared about her family's afternoon tea time tradition.  Afternoons are one of the hardest times for us, so I thought I'd give this idea a try.

If you don't know Luca, let me just say he's an extremely picky eater.  Extremely.  But it's all about the pitch.  I asked him to help me make the tea, and we each got to choose what type we wanted, then we waited for the tea kettle to "sing" and I bribed him with microwave s'mores (which he's been begging for).  To ensure the success of this new venture, I added plenty of sugar and milk to the chai tea he chose.  We sat for half an hour and chatted about our day and made a big sticky mess eating our s'mores.  Isla enjoyed the graham crackers too.

So a tradition is born for us too :)  Afternoon tea will take place at 3pm sharp on school days (T-Th) and 5pm on other days.  Michael even received a special invitation to join us Friday for tea.

Love these kiddos!

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