Dark Chocolate Mousse

 Today I wanted to share my recipe for one of my absolute favorite desserts!  Our family really loves dark chocolate, and this definitely hits the spot when we get a craving.  It's super simple to whip up and can be customized to your tastes!

Ingredients (for 2-3 portions):
--1/2 c heavy whipping cream
--3 T cocoa powder (we use Dutch processed)
--2 T sugar (we use pure cane sugar)
--scant 1 T instant coffee powder
--pinch of salt


Measure all ingredients into a mixing bowl.  Whisk together until mixture becomes thick and everything is evenly incorporated.  Spoon or pipe into bowls.  Add any toppings you would like.  We love topping with fruit (clementines, raspberries, diced strawberries especially) but you could add any "finishing touches" (as Luca likes to call them) that you like.  Enjoy! 

(Don't you just love these beautiful pink antique dessert bowls from my grandmother!  
They're my favorite!)

Are you salivating yet?  The higher ratio of cocoa powder to sugar gives it the dark chocolate taste, but feel free to use just 2 T of cocoa powder if you prefer a less dark flavor.  And adding salt may seem strange for a dessert, but it really brings out the sweet flavors.  You won't really taste the coffee--it just accents the chocolate and gives it a richer flavor.  Seriously...try it.  It's the best.  :)

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