Yarn Along : Brioche!

I was so excited (and also a little intimidated) to see that the Westknits MKAL had a two color brioche knitting section this week!  I've never done any brioche knitting before, but after the very helpful video and a little practice swatch, it was a breeze!  One more tool in my toolkit :)  Maybe it's time to try this hat I've had in my favorites forever--the Brioche Hood Hat.  So cute!

If you've never tried brioche, I highly recommend it!  It's very squishy and spongy and in tosh merino light it's completely heavenly.

I'm a bit stalled out on Outlander.  I got to what seems like the pivotal part of the book, but haven't taken much time to read this past week.  Between getting the week's clue done, Christmas gift making, and trying desperately to complete my Once Upon A Time sampler for Isla in time for her birthday, I've been pretty tired when I finally head towards bed.  Maybe this week though :)

(I apologize if I ruined the mystery for anyone last week...I didn't even think twice about posting spoiler pics on my blog.  I've tried to maintain a little more mystery with my lead photo this week)

Linking up with Ginny this week.

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