Creative Corner : Christmas Edition

We put up our woodland Solstice tree this weekend.  We've never had a real tree before, and I'm not sure I could deal with the mess and hassle of having one inside and having to keep Isla away from it, so I thought an outside tree would be the perfect solution.  With a couple of all-natural decorations it really dresses up our back deck, and maybe we'll see a few birds as a special treat!  

We just used our air popper to pop some popcorn (does anyone know what variety makes those beautiful round popcorn shapes?  Whatever type we bought...that wasn't it...) and we used needle and thread to string a garland.  We smeared some peanut butter on (last year's) cinnamon pinecones and rolled them in bird seed for ornaments.  Simple, but beautiful in it's own understated way.  I think next year we definitely need a strand of cranberry garland too.  And some sort of topper...I'll have to work on that one...

Before we could go out to decorate, I let everyone open a special tree-trimming gift--new hats!  Michael was the only one I could get to wear his Barley...Luca was displeased that his olive colored Sea Beanie hat was brown, not green, and Isla just kept yanking hers off... Oh well. Maybe next year.  In case you're curious, Isla's dress is a Clara knit in Knit Picks Palette in Lingonberry Heather.

 Luca has also been busy with some holiday craft projects--making small beeswax candles in bright, fun colors, and building a gingerbread house (don't think I'm some building master or anything...the kit from Ikea was pretty detailed.  All I had to do was mix up the icing and we were good to go)

May your days be merry and bright...but let's not wish the white stuff on anyone just yet. :)  Have a wonderful holiday with friends and family!  

I'll still have my regular line up of posts set for next week--maybe you'll have a few minutes in between Christmas cookies and presents to take a peek!  If you've always wanted to have an app to keep track of new blog posts from blogs you follow, might I suggest Feedly?  It's what I use, and I really love that it just shows me all of the new posts from my favorite people all in one place!

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