Creative Corner : DIY Christmas Ornaments/Gift Tags

Each year I like to have Luca help me make special ornaments to decorate our tree and also to attach to gifts for an extra special touch.  Last year we put a jingle bell inside of walnut shells that we painted gold.

This year, I thought it would be fun to try some sort of baked dough ornaments.  I had heard of salt dough ornaments, but when I went on Pinterest to look for a recipe, I came across this one for baking soda and cornstarch ornaments like I liked the looks of. 

We whipped up a couple of batches over a two week period.  Luca preferred to just play with the dough while I cut out the shapes which was fine.  He really enjoyed painting them though.  We just used the small bottles of acrylic paint from the craft store that I had already from other projects.

It was a great activity to keep him busy for several afternoons and the ornaments came out great!  It's definitely an activity and recipe I can recommend for preschoolers on up.  He is so excited to choose which ornament to attach to which gift :)

We also let him set up his own tree and decorate it with some of the ornaments.  We might need to work on even spacing, but he's so proud of his work!

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