Christmas Morning Vest Finishing Info

 PLEASE NOTE: To make the instructions for knitting the V-neck on sizes 6 & 12 months more clear and easier to follow, please use the following instructions instead of those on pg. 7, for those two sizes only: 

For 6 & 12 month sizes: Sew shoulder seams with horizontal mattress st using the tail of yarn from the Front BO while holding the remaining back neck sts live on the cable. 

Switch to smaller needles. Turn work so RS is facing. Knit 13 (14) sts from left back, PU&K 52 (58) sts around the neck opening (including picking up 2 extra sts at the lowest point of the V) then knit 13 (14) sts from the right back. There will be 78 (86) sts. Continue on to Centered Neck Decreases—6/12 month sizes, pg. 8. 

Thank you for your purchase of Christmas Morning Vest! I hope you've had an enjoyable experience knitting your vest and I'm glad you've stopped by for some additional tips on finishing! If you have any questions, please contact me by email or Rav message and I'll be happy to help!

NOTE: When weaving in ends, do not weave in the end from the second ball of yarn that was attached after the front was divided so that you can work the V-neck finishing below.

6 month/12 month Button Placket
Tack down the button placket by overlapping the seed stitch bands right on top of left. Whip stitch into place along lower edge. Sew buttons on left band and pop buttons through right band to secure.

Prepare Letter Placement Once your vest is finished and the ends have been woven in, it's time to add the initial! I like to take a brighty colored piece of waste yarn (about a yard) and mark out the placement of the letter before I begin, so everything is centered and I can be sure I like where the letter will end up. Adult letters are 24 stitches wide and 30 stitches high, so I generally block off about 28 x 34 stitches (so I don't accidentally catch my waste yarn with the needle). Children's sized letters are 16 stitches wide by 20 stitches high, so I block off a 20 x 24 stitch square. (Note, M and W are wider for both sizes). For children's sizes, the top of the letter should be just a couple of rows below the bottom of the V-neck. For adult sizes, place the top of the letter 3-4" below the bottom of the V-neck.

Where to Begin I like to start at the top of the letter and work down, so once you're happy with the placement, find the center of your letter across the top on the chart and the center of your placement square. Custom designed letters A-Z in Adult and Child sizes are included with your purchase of Christmas Morning Vest on pages 9-22 of your PDF download. Please see the chart below to determine which page to print.
p. 9 Adult A, B, C, D p. 16 Child A, B, C, D
p. 10 Adult E, F, G, H p. 17 Child E, F, G, H
p. 11 Adult I, J, K, L p. 18 Child I, J, K, L
p. 12 Adult M, N, O p. 19 Child M, N, O
p. 13 Adult P, Q, R, S p. 20 Child P, Q, R, S
p. 14 Adult T, U, V, W p. 21 Child T, U, V, W
p. 15 Adult X, Y, Z p. 22 Child X, Y, Z
There are many fantastic videos you can access on YouTube if you are unfamiliar with the duplicate stitch technique. I particularly like these two: one from Sapphires N Purls and a second from The Knit Purl Hunter, but feel free to search "Duplicate Stitch" on YouTube if you'd like to see other examples.

Once you've marked out the placement of your letter, use your new duplicate stitch knowledge, a small amount of contrasting yarn and a tapestry needle to apply the letter of your choice. Each box on the chart represents one knit stitch of your sweater.

Finishing the V-Neck 
If you would like a crisp finish to the lower point of your V-neck, use the tail of yarn remaining when the second skein of yarn was attached on the front and thread it through your tapestry needle. Insert the tip up through the middle of the stitch to the left of exact center, one row below the first of the SSK stitches that lean away from center towards to right shoulder (as worn). Pass your tapestry needle behind the two legs of the lowest SSK "v" (shown in red on diagram), then reinsert the needle into the same stitch the yarn emerged from. Repeat for the K2tog stitch just to the right of center (shown in orange). Drop down one more row below these two duplicate stitches and make a third duplicate stitch by passing the tapestry needle behind the four legs of the two "v"s that you just made (shown in yellow). Make a fourth duplicate stitch just below that one (shown in green) and Voila! You've finished the V-neck with a flourish! Black dots indicate where the yarn will emerge and return when creating the stitches.

Thanks for visiting and happy knitting!

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