Creative Corner : DIY Frog Funny Valentines

This year I wanted to do something a little extra special for Luca's Valentines to share at school.  His class only has 6 students, so it was the perfect year to go a little overboard.

At a recent trip to Ikea, I found these adorable finger puppets for 99 cents each.  I thought the Frog Prince theme would be super cute and easy to come up with a quippy little Valentine's Day saying...boy was I wrong!  I pitched a whole bunch of ideas having to do with frogs and kissing and princes and nothing was quite right.  :/

While I was searching for the right phrase, I gathered together the supplies we'd need to make the cards.  I used Heavy Cardstock, permanent markers, two types of stickers and chocolate lips in addition to the frog puppets

I cut each sheet of cardstock in half and then used my blade tool to score the paper to create a crisp fold.  I decorated the edge of the card and wrote out the saying Luca helped me decide on.

We taped the lips in the right spot and using a hole punch, we threaded some baking twine around the frogs legs and made a bow to hold him in place.  What do you get when you kiss a frog prince?

Fly breath! (of course)  Can you tell I have a 4 year old boy?  He thought it was great.  Once we had the cards put together he had a really fun time signing each one and decorating with the heart stickers.

As a bonus, I used these strawberry hearts for an extra small card to give out to teachers and family.  You are 'berry' special.  Pretty much everyone I showed it to had no idea what I was going for there...oh well.  At least the chocolates are really good.

Hope you have a hoppy Valentine's Day!

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