The Great Bedroom Makeover Part 2 : Bedside Tables and Decor

I introduced my big project for the year a couple of weeks ago in this post.  In a nutshell, I'm updating both of the kiddo's bedrooms and my deadline is whenever Isla starts crawling out of her crib.

I'm starting early, so I can work a little bit at a time on these projects and enjoy the process, rather than feeling under the gun to get them finished right away.

This week, I'll share the bedside tables that I have completed for each of their rooms.  I'm moving pieces in as I finish them to free up some garage space so it's going to look like a hodgepodge right up until the last minute.  :)

For Isla's room, I found an octagonal side table at a Sale Barn for $0!  (I bought a few other items, and the seller threw it in for free).  It's not solid wood, and it started off in pretty bad shape, but I liked the shape of it and the feet, so I thought I might be able to transform it into a workable piece.

Of course I forgot to take a picture of it in all its miserableness, but here it is cleaned up with wooden appliques affixed with wood glue and clamped for several hours.

Mostly painted here.  I used Folk Art Chalk Paint in Sheepskin that I picked up at JoAnn with a 40% off coupon.  It was an 8oz bottle and I used the entire thing.  At 40% off $7.99 that wasn't too bad, but I'm planning to paint 4 more pieces, so I've taken the remainder of the bottle to Lowe's and had it color-matched for an entire gallon of Valspar flat paint that I'll turn into Chalk Paint with plaster of Paris.  (The link for the paint will take you to the same product in a larger size sold through Amazon...full disclosure since I'm an affiliate :)

After I gave the entire thing two coats, it was time to antique it.  Ha!  Not that I did this or anything, but if you're antiquing over chalk paint, please wax it first.  So after a quick repaint of one panel and a wax of the entire piece with Minwax Clear Finishing Wax, I was ready to try antiquing for real.

The Folk Art "wax" I picked up wasn't like wax at was very thin and more like a glaze.  Rather than ordering another product, as I was ready to see the finished piece, I used a small craft paint brush and 'highlighted' the areas I wanted to accentuate with the antiquing medium.  Once I finished one panel, I went back with my blue shop towels (better than t-shirt rags as there is less fuzz) and wiped away almost all of the antiquing product.

The result is very subtle, but it really brings out the details of the applique pieces and gives it a lot more character.  I am not a fan of distressing furniture (I just spent hours painting you want me to unevenly sand it off?  What???  No thank you...), so I think this antiquing process was a happy medium for me.

I finished the side table off with a silvered tray from Target, a small globe vase with a pink burlap peony flower and tissue and a hand crocheted doily out of Knit Picks Curio in Tea Rose.

Luca's bedside table was much easier.  I picked up this beautiful octagonal table on our local garage sale site for $15.  It's in excellent shape, except for a few mars on the top, so I washed it thoroughly with Murphy's Oil Soap and filled in the dings with a Wood Finish Touch Up marker.

I made a circular quilted topper (mostly to cover up the marks and protect from future dings) and added a classic looking Crosley alarm clock and faux potted succulent for a little flair.  I will be releasing the instructions for the mini star quilt and a baby/lap sized version later this year, so stay tuned for that!

Looking good, right?  I'm so excited about the progress I've made so far.  Check back in a few weeks for the next installment!

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