Week in Review : A Boy and His Tree

Spring is definitely not here yet...but that's not deterring us from venturing outside a little more each day.  We finally found a pair of shoes that Isla will keep on her feet, and she's become much more adventurous in the backyard with her new footwear.  And Luca is so fearless!  There's never a dull moment around here.

Year 2 with our tree--a Red Oak I think?  I'd have to check with Michael to be sure.

Growing like weeds they are...the boy and his tree...Now that I look at the side by side, it doesn't seem that either of them have grown at all...but I think that's a trick of the eye somehow...we'll have to try again when it leafs out.

(As a side note, I am really enjoying all the hard work Michael put in last year to pressure wash and stain our fence.  It's so much nicer now!)

Have a wonderful weekend Friends!  This is what I'll be up to...

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