Yarn Along : Family Photo Arbutus

~ Two of my favorite things are knitting and reading. I love seeing what other people are knitting and reading as well. So, what are you knitting or crocheting right now? What are you reading? Take a photo and share it on your blog, on Instagram (#yarnalong), or on Flickr.  ~Ginny of Small Things

We had family pictures taken last weekend.  I've been wanting to have professional photos done for months now, but I've just put it off.  But one day on Facebook I lucked out when a local photographer was asking for knit baby photo props in exchange for a photography session, which seemed like a perfect solution!

We decided on two butterfly stitch baby sleep sacks, a feather and fan blanket and white hat in exchange for a family portrait session and disc of edited photos.

After several reshedulings due to weather, we finally had a beautiful, crisp day.  I had chosen outfits for the four of us that coordinated without looking too matchy-matchy and fit our personalities (a new flannel for Michael, a slimming black dress for me, some rugged pants and an elbow patch sweater for Luca and a denim jumper with mustard yellow onesie for Isla)  The color palette and clothing style was a little Autumn-ish, but I think the pictures will go nicely in our house, and it was pretty cold, so I didn't mind.

We coached Luca about smiling and listening to the photographer's instructions and he did pretty well...outside of needing to make kissy faces for about 1/3 of the shots :/

Isla on the other hand wanted *nothing* to do with any of us.  She wanted to take off across the field as fast as her little 15 month old legs would carry her and not look back.  We did get several good shots of her, and a few of her and Luca together, but the family shots were a mess!  She squirmed and screamed and fought and struggled.  Nicole said to just keep our smiles on and look at the camera and maybe we'd get lucky...I do not envy her having to pick through so many squirrely pictures!

I'll definitely share our edited photos in a few weeks when Nicole is done with them--I know there are some real gems in there, but I'm not feeling very confident that there's going to be a family shot that I'll want to hang on the wall. (Last minute addition--she sent us a teaser pic!  We have at least one good one!  Hooray!)

As the finishing touch for the black dress that I really wanted to wear, but that didn't really match everyone else's outfits, I knit an Arbutus by Jane Richmond in Malabrigo Rastita Glitter colorway.  The pattern is very interesting and takes care of a major problem I have with multi-wrap cowls--the bulkiness that you get at the back of your neck behind your hair.  Such a clever and well written pattern!  I'll probably make more of these, but I may add some length so the cowl hangs a bit lower...I feel like there was a little more d├ęcolletage showing than I had intended.

Any tips for our next family photo shoot? 

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