Week in Review

I hope you had a lovely Easter last weekend!  We spent the whole weekend together and had lots of activities planned to keep everyone entertained.

We started off Saturday with an Easter Egg Hunt.  I don't usually get them a bunch of candy for holidays (that's what they have grandparents for, lol!) but I picked out a few types at Winco in the bulk section and put a single piece in about half of the eggs and Michael filled the other half with an assortment of coins.  We coached Luca a bit about not grabbing eggs out from under Isla if she was going for them, and he did great!  There were plenty to go around, and the final tally was 54-12.  I'm the mom who makes them sort the candy and count how many of each type they got, so we had fun with that activity, as well as sorting and counting the change (and learning about dollar coins!) and putting them in the bank.  (On a side note, how does Isla not have a piggy bank yet?  Oh well...an old formula canister worked in a pinch)

Later that day we dyed Easter eggs (uh...not that we waited til the last minute or anything).  I had a dye kit from several years ago that I bought after Easter for ten cents, and Grandma sent some plastic dye-able eggs, so we had all the supplies.  Luca enjoyed dunking the eggs (since they kept floating up) and they turned out a nice pastel shade.  Isla supervised.  And cheered!

Our last activity was to plant some mini-greenhouses (also from Grandma and Grandpa--thanks!) with tomato seeds and cosmo seeds.  Another fun activity, and Luca loves to see things grow.

Sunday dawned rainy and chilly.  The kiddos got to open their Easter baskets...again, we try not to go overboard.  I saw some magnificent baskets on Facebook, but we really try to limit the number of gifts they receive for any particular holiday.  By the time they get something from us, each set of grandparents, and sometimes great grandparents or aunts & uncles or friends, it gets to be a little out of hand.  I usually try to stick with 3 items or less, with only 1 'medium' to 'large' item.  So Luca received this Lego set, Thinking Putty and some Minecraft minifigs he's been pining over.  Isla received this totally adorable pretend coffee maker.  She's big into pretend play (even though she's only 15 months old!), so the other part of her gift was a new DIY kitchen play area, but I'll talk more about that in a future post :)

Speaking of Thinking Putty*...you should totally get some.  It's much less messy than Play Doh, it won't dry out and the changing colors are completely mesmerizing.  I'm getting rid of all of our Play Doh in fact--Luca sat and played with his tin of putty for 30 minutes!  And there was no mess to clean up!  It's fun for adults too...not that I know from experience or anything...

*The people who make Thinking Putty are not sponsoring this post, I just really love this product and wanted to share with all of you!  Purchasing items linked through Amazon will provide my family with a small percentage of sales--I only link to things that I use and love and want to share with you!

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