Week in Review : Beer Tasting

I know I usually blast you with cute kid pics on Fridays, but I thought we'd mix it up today and share some pics from our recent kid-free outing to a Beer Tasting!  It was at a local-ish brewery called Rabbit Hole Brewing.  There was live music, lots of beer samples and the.most.amazing coffee from Mystical Coffee.

Michael was excited to sample lots of tasty brews, and earned himself an astounding number of badges on UnTappd (in case you're familiar with that app), but I preferred the coffee samples.  They had Kopi Luwak (civet coffee) available in tiny tiny cups.  I've heard of this super rare and expensive coffee and was anxious to try it.  But I ended up kind of disappointed (and kind of relieved too)--it didn't taste like much, although it was very smooth and not at all bitter.  I must not be much of a coffee connoisseur, but I suppose it's cheaper that way ;)  I greatly preferred their Ethiopian blend--it had the most lovely herbal characteristic to it and was so tasty iced.

I'm pretty sure that's the first time we've been out without kiddos in months, and it was really nice to have a date.  The kiddos had lots of fun with Gita and Pacha too, so all-in-all, a very successful day.

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