Gardening Update

We don't have much of a garden in this year, but we do enjoy growing herbs and have begun trying our hand at a few easy fruits.  The lavender, Thai basil and dill are all doing wonderfully, and I so enjoy using them, especially the lavender, for a few choice recipes.

Our larger raised cedar planter contains the rosemary and oregano that survived the winter, as well as the spearmint that came back up again this year, two basil plants and a large parsley plant.  I was afraid at the beginning of the season that our need would outstrip the plants' ability to produce, but I think we're keeping pace so far.  Michael has whipped up some truly fantastic pesto sauce and one of my new favorite green smoothie recipes uses parsley and mint and is super yummy.

As for fruits, our fig tree, which is all of about 2.5 ft tall, has 17 figs on it!  I'm eager for them to ripen so I can make up a batch of fig jam...mmmmm.  We also put in a blueberry bush and a couple of strawberry plants that had some promising early success, but lately it seems we might have a rabbit problem, as all of the fruit is gone :(

Oh well, I'm still holding out hope for a fantastic fig harvest and some lovely fig jam to show for our efforts. How's your garden coming along?

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