Golden Tea

I was thumbing through my Pins the other day in preparation for a grocery store run, and happened upon a real gem that I pinned a while ago but never purchased ingredients to make.  It's a recipe for Golden Tea Paste and the turmeric, ginger and black pepper it contains are supposed to have wonderful anti-inflammatory properties.  It sounded great, so I thought I'd give it a try.

The OP suggests layering the ingredients in the jar so it's easier to mix, and that made things really easy!  I put a quarter cup of honey, 1/2 T turmeric, 1/2 tsp black pepper and 1/2 T ground ginger in the jar at a time, then repeated until all the ingredients were used.  I added about a quarter cup more honey than the recipe calls for (it was just the very end of the container and I figured it couldn't hurt to be a little sweeter) and mixed everything thoroughly with a butter knife inside the jar.

Can I just say...this stuff is A. MAZING. I put about a tsp in the bottom of a cup and filled with not quite boiling water and gave it a stir.  It's so spicy and peppery--it would be excellent to soothe a sore throat too.  This is definitely a beverage I'm going to start enjoying on a regular basis!  I hope I can figure out a good way to take the jar of paste with us on our trip to Colorado at the end of the month :)

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