Yarn Along : Tiny Dress

I've had a lot of swatches on the needles this week that I just can't seem to get right.  I'm working on my first submission for an actual publication and I have to admit, I'm kind of obsessing.  Today I'll be working on the 9th (and hopefully last) iteration of my shawl swatch!

In the meantime, I needed some simple, adorable knitting to keep my fingers busy while I mulled over the submission.  I found this tiny white rabbit at JoAnn Fabrics once and decided it looked a fair bit like the Miss Maggie Rabbit and her partner (wearing this) that I made last year, so I decided it was time to add to their family :)  Then the naked baby bunny sat cooped up in my knitting dresser, begging for an outfit, for months.  And I finally decided this week that it was time to churn one out.  This is the same pattern for Miss Maggie's Little Knitted Dress for Rabbits just worked in Knit Picks Shadow Tonal yarn on size 3 needles (I probably could have gone down to a 2, but this is not something I'm reknitting!)

 I also picked up Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children, which I've had for quite some time but haven't read yet.  I usually prefer to read on my Kindle, but with all the pictures included in the book, I thought an actual print copy would be far superior.  The jury is still out on whether I like it yet...I've only made it through the first chapter.

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