Yarn Along : Unnamed

My new shawl design is coming along beautifully!  I managed to figure out the center short row wedge with very little ripping back, for which I was grateful.  And remarkably, reversing the shaping was as easy as mirroring the chart with my knitting software--I just couldn't quite wrap my head around whether that would yield the desired result or not until I had needles in hand to try it.

The yarn is so gorgeous and I cannot wait to block this piece to reveal it's true beauty.  This is one of those shawls that requires a sound blocking within an inch of its life to really sing...so watch out crumpled mess...you're about to have your cocoon to butterfly moment.

Finally some appreciable progress on Outlander...85% and climbing every day!  Making time for reading before bed has cut into my nightly crafting time, but it's totally worth it for a good story. 

Linking up with Ginny today for Yarn Along.  And congratulations to Anastasija who won my Follow Your Arrow Shawl in the One Dozen Shawls for Love raffle!  The package went out yesterday, so hopefully you'll be snuggled in your new shawl soon!  (I'm sure some of you shuddered just then...warm cozy shawl in June?  In the southern hemisphere of course!)

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