Alexandra Shawl

I’m continuing to sneak in rows of my Alexandra shawl here and there between samples.  It’s such a gorgeous pattern.  I really can’t put my finger on what exactly I’m so drawn to about it, but I would knit a dozen more in a heart beat…actually…I probably will eventually.  Maybe I’ll even remember to buy 2 skeins of the same yarn for once and knit the full sized version 😉

I really love how much Luca loves to be read to.  He’s learning to read himself, but we haven’t moved much past easy readers.  When we’re not working on those at bedtime, we read him chapters from Harry Potter.  We just started The Chamber of Secrets a few weeks ago and it’s lovely to read them again and see the story through his eyes.  I love the interconnectedness of the HP series that you can only really appreciate after you’ve read them all through and go back for seconds.

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11 comments on “Alexandra Shawl

  1. The yarn you are using in that shawl is beautiful. I love the Harry Potter books. I reread them from time to time. My son was in elementary school when they were first published and this was really the first set of books that he devoured. The series also got my daughter interested in reading. Despite being very smart she is a very slow reader, but HP sparked her interest. Enjoy your bedtime reading.

  2. That is a lovely shawl! I’ve been trying to decide when to read HP to my daughters and how to spread them out because the last ones are much much too mature for her anytime soon. Do you plan to just spread them out slowly as maturity dictates? When they were coming out kids naturally had to wait long periods of time for them so I suppose that’s just what we’ll do too.

    • I’m sure we’ll intersperse them with other books until he’s ready for the later ones. I just ordered the first twelve Boxcar Children books–I’m really hoping he’ll enjoy reading those aloud too 🙂

  3. Gorgeous shawl color! I have a scalloped poncho pattern I want to make. I’ve never made something like it before (and rarely make something for me), but I need to find just the right COLOR yarn. So many choices! My 13-year-old daughter is rereading the Potter books again. I think it’s the 3rd? 4th time? Funny as my 10-year-old son as 0 interest in them…

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