Vacation Highlights : Denver

After a quick interlude to share some jam recipes, I'm back today with the second installment of our vacation pics!  Enjoy!

After our lovely overnight stay in Taos, NM, we got started the next day on our way to Denver.  We planned to check into our hotel, get cleaned up, and then set back out for a wedding reception to celebrate Dan & Jenni on Saturday evening in Altona.  It was a lovely affair complete with yummy pizza and an amazing selection of pies for dessert and we had a fantastic time catching up (and in some cases meeting for the first time) with family.

We returned to the hotel that evening and decided to get up first thing the next day to check out the 15th floor rooftop pool.  It was a big hit!  Luca is totally a fish and enjoyed jumping, splashing and racing, but Isla is still rather nervous about the pool.  After pacing back and forth along the side, I finally grabbed her gently and pulled her in with me.  She warmed up to the idea after a few minutes and ended up enjoying splashing around.

We grabbed a bite at a yummy place called Punch Bowl Social which is just around the corner from Fancy Tiger Crafts on Broadway in downtown Denver, then headed to City Park after some yarn shopping.

It was a super hot day for the park, so after promising Luca we'd return the next day, we headed over to my cousin Melissa and Joseph's house a few minutes away to meet their new baby and catch up with my side of the family.  Aunt Amy walked over from her place up the street, Pacha drove down from Fort Collins and my cousin Brandon also joined us with wife Kristen and kiddos.  It was so fun to get together with them!

The next day was Luca's 5th birthday!  We wanted to make sure the day was special, even though we were away on vacation, so we started out at City Park again with a box of Voodoo Donuts. Yum!  When the Zoo opened we headed over there for a quick tour--the animals were so active, but the kids tired out pretty quickly and Luca was on a mission to just see an alligator (which we finally found at the end).

After the zoo we met up with Grandpa and Uncle Dick at Sam's #3 (yum again!) for a bite of lunch and then the boys went exploring.

We finally ended up back at the hotel with some Chinese take out and some special birthday gifts.  All in all, it was a very full, completely fantastic day! 

Happy Birthday Luca!


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