Alexandra, Take 3


Seriously, you’d think I’d be done with this pattern already, but I just love it so much.  I had two skeins of Dream in Color Everlasting Sock left from a mystery grab bag purchase last year and have put them to good use in a two color shawl-sized Alexandra.  You should definitely try it…I’m so excited to wear this new one, especially since Isla claimed the last one as her own.  Which is fine…it suits her 🙂  (Thank you to my sweet friend Chrissy who took some pics for me!)

I just started reading The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up and am finding it refreshing.  I makes me sick how much stuff we have and I’m looking around at all of our things with a much more critical eye.  I’m hoping when Luca is back to school next week I’ll have some more chunks of time to devote to purging.  There’s plenty around here that won’t be missed.  (ETA:  I’ve actually been able to get quite a lot of decluttering and purging done already!  I’ve discarded about 12 garbage bags of junk and pulled out another 8 or so of nicer things to donate!  There’s still work to do, but I feel like I’ve got a good start!)

Linking up with Ginny for Yarn Along today…Thank you to all of you who purchased Lady Wren or Wren Collection, and also to those who took the time to click through to check out some more details and see the pictures last week.  It was the best pattern launch yet and I have you to thank!

9 comments on “Alexandra, Take 3

  1. Gorgeous shawl and those are such lovely colors on you!! I am reading that book in little chunks as I apply it and WHEW, I think we must have gotten rid of at least 20 trash bags of books, clothes and unnecessary junk, and I still have a lot of categories to go before I’m finished. It feels so great to get the house in an orderly system, and I’m hoping to be done before December for everything; we start homeschooling in a few weeks so things are a little on hold for the end of the summer and will be a few weeks after that. Way to go you!

  2. Loving that shawl! I have one in the fall leaves colors that I love, just wish I had gone a bit longer. That is what pattern? They are not the same, are they??
    And I’m thinking this book might be needed at my house! One of my vices is Joann Fabrics. I go for one project and bring back for 4!! You never know when the mood will hit you at 2 am and you’ll need this stuff!! Keep up the good work!

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