How is it possible that this child is starting Kindergarten today?  We just brought him home from the hospital.  He just took his first steps.  He just tried orange juice, and pickles and pizza for the first time.  He just put his first Lego set together with help from Daddy.  

And now he's off to school.  Off to adventures and magical learning and new friends and new life lessons, both good ones and hard ones.  The beginning of a school career, of lifelong learning.  

Thank you to all of the teachers out there who are going back to school too and who are looking forward to a year full of new discovery.  You've got our hearts in your hands--keep them safe for us til 2:45, okay?  Help them grow, show them what patience and grace and strength look like.  We're here to support you every step of the way.  

It feels like I'm going to blink again and we'll be posing for senior pictures and applying to colleges and ironing voluminous polyester gowns.  We had better soak it in and enjoy the journey now, every day.  Let's not miss a single moment this year.

Happy first day of Kindergarten Luca!

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