New Counters Coming Soon–A DIY Adventure

After a recent ‘testimonial’ from a friend about her excellent luck with a product called Spreadstone for transforming her dated countertops, we took a big leap and purchased two kits to revamp our kitchen!

When we first moved into this house, we had big plans to install granite countertops, redo flooring and add gutters (why aren’t they already there?!?) but after a very costly HVAC system replacement last summer, we’re a little wary of jumping into big, expensive projects.  What if another costly repair is needed and we’ve already spent our budget?

We have painted several rooms, updated two bathrooms with simple and cost effective upgrades and added a fantastic, covered deck in the back (thanks Gita & Pacha!), all of which will add value when we go to sell.  Sweat-equity…am I right?

I’m not 100% sold on the idea of granite countertops anyway, to be honest.  I do like the look of poured concrete counters, but those are definitely best left to the professionals, if HGTV is to be believed.  So Spreadstone is something I felt we would be able to accomplish ourselves for a small upfront cost that would create a noticeable and positive change in our kitchen.  We agonized over what color to choose, but ended up deciding on Ironstone–a medium to dark gray with a warm cast.  Our current formica counters are medium cool gray, which I have always thought was a poor match for our warm cherry cabinets.

I think the hardest part of this project will be the limited use of our kitchen until it’s complete.  PB&J…here we come!

Here’s a “Before” picture…I’ll be back soon with the “Afters” 😉


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