Yarn Along : Ellipses

I've been compelled as if by some sort of shawl-based sorcery to Knit. All. The. Shawls.  I rarely even wear shawls (although I really need to change that).  They're just so lovely, and calming and wholesome and beautiful.  I've also been buying all the yarn...but that is only marginally related to knitting all the shawls.

Suffice it to say, I'm surrounded by yarnie goodness everywhere I turn.  Above is Ellipses by Romi Hill in a lovely cotton yarn from my stash on top of my new cuddly Kantha Quilt.  I also started Sun Kissed by Veronika Jobe of YOTH Yarns once my speckled skein arrived from Nomadic Yarns (Gorgeous--the yarn and the pattern.  So addictive.)  I want to knit Seasmoke but I don't have any yarn in my stash for it (gasp!)  (Confession:  I also took advantage of a really good sampler sale from KP and ordered two sets of this O Captain, My Captain bundle to make a TOTO by Asja Janeczek.  Yes.  All the shawls...

We had one lovely day last week in TX with temps in the 70s!  I threw open the windows, I made hot tea, I warmed some spicy scented oils in the kitchen.  I wore leggings and a plaid shirt and it felt like heaven.  But by the next morning the temps were soaring and my beautiful little bubble of fall had burst.  Come back fall, I need you!

I've been reading Dragonfly in Amber, the 2nd Outlander book by Dianna Gabaldon.  (Which, if you've been following my blog very long, indicates I've made an effort to get back to the gym.)  The majority of my reading time occurs between 5:25 and 6:15am while I'm rocking it on the elliptical trainer. Exercise is so boring without fiction, am I right?  It feels good to be easing back into a regular workout routine, and to get back to reading.

Linking up with Ginny for Yarn Along this week. 

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