Yarn Along : Scarlet Ibis

I'm so excited about yesterday's release of my new shawl & shawlette design Scarlet Ibis. It's a wing-shaped shawl that's extra wide for wrapping cozily around you as the temps start to plummet and Autumn get into full swing. 

There is a lovely feather lace panel edged by a chevron garter lace border with a garter wedge in the center.  The shawl is worked from the center out to the left wing tip, then provisional stitches are picked back up and the right wing is completed.  It's really fun to knit and I've included separate PDF versions for charted and written instructions, depending on your preference.  You're welcome to work from both if you'd like!  The shawlette is roughly the first half of the shawl, which gives it a really interesting triangular shape.  It fastens with buttons for the perfect fall accessory.  The pattern has been professionally tech edited by my TE Liz and test knit by my lovely friends Laura, Claire, Yvonne and Catherine.

As for books, I purchased 7 books through Google Play with my Google Opinion Rewards space bucks the other day, but I fear it might be a while before I'm able to dig into them.  Titles I chose (for $1.99 each!) were The Paris Wife, The Body Finder, A Life in Stitches, If I Stay, Orange is the New Black, and the first three Maze Runner books.  How did I do?  Did I pick some winners?  What should I start with?

Linking up with Ginny for Yarn Along this week.  See you all again next Wednesday friends!

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