Big Girl Bed

We finally got Isla into a big girl bed this weekend.  I'm not quite sure why we were dragging our feet so much.  We converted her crib into a toddler bed a few months ago when she proved she could climb out, but she didn't sleep very well in it.  She would get her legs and arms caught between the bars and would frequently kick all sides of the crib like she needed a little more space to stretch out.  She's only 22 months old, but she's very tall (off the charts in fact!)

We decided an IKEA bed was the way to go (since we could easily get it home) and foam mattresses were on sale a few weekends ago so we grabbed a twin sized one, along with slats and a simple pine bedframe.  I was glad that the bed would sit low to the ground so if she fell out it wouldn't be so traumatic.

But of course, the bed had to be painted to match the rest of her furniture.  Which isn't difficult, just a process.  And it's still 80-90 degrees F here, so even hotter than that in the garage, and it was just hard to work up the motivation to finish.  Here's the recipe I used to chalk paint all of her bedroom furniture.

After two coats of paint on all of the un-assembled pieces, followed by a coat of wax, an antiquing treatment, and a second coat of wax, I finally decided that was good enough.  It matches the rest of the pieces quite well.  We spend (way too long) putting it together yesterday, and she immediately climbed in when it was done and proclaimed "Boosz...boosz" which is her way of requesting to be read to.  :)

The icing on the cake was when we moved the cedar chest into her room to sit at the foot of the bed and I pulled the special hand quilted "Downton Abbey" inspired quilt out from inside.  The earthy scent of cedar coupled with my sweet daughter extending her arms towards the quilt that I spent months putting my heart into was the best experience.  She had the most joyous smile on her face as she reached for it...knowing it was for her.  I love you sweet girl!

Now I'm more motivated than ever to finish the hand quilting on Luca's special quilt.  I have 14 of 90 squares done, and can do 4 in a 45 minute episode of something we watch together after the kiddos go to bed.  So...19 more episode, plus finishing...anyone have any TV series to suggest?  We're running out...

Also, I hope you'll stop back by on Wednesday to see my new pattern release--a total overhaul and revamp of an older design.  This new and improved pattern turned out really great and makes a perfect gift for the holidays.  See you Wednesday with all the details!

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