Christmas Morning Vest

I'm so excited to be re-releasing an old pattern today!  Late last year, as a very new knitwear designer, I released my pattern Weasley Vest.  It was a fairly straightforward vest design with the added bonus of custom designed "magical" initial letters to be duplicate stitched on the front, in the style of everyone's favorite knitting mom--Mrs. Weasley.

If you're a fan of the series, you'll know that Mrs. Weasley knits up a full sweater for all of her brood as a Christmas gift.  I can tell you for a fact; I would definitely need enchanted knitting needles to get that accomplished.  That's why a vest is such a great compromise!  You end up with a similar aesthetic, without having to knit all those sleeves!  Hooray!

I have learned so much about designing this year, and I'm happy to announce that I've completely revamped this pattern and it has been fully tech edited by my wonderful TE Liz.  I am fortunate to be partnering with Knit Picks as well and it will be available for purchase on their website and from my Ravelry shop!  I've updated the name to Christmas Morning Vest to reflect all of the fantastic improvements that have been made to this newest version!

Just as a note: Knitters who purchased the original design (there are 5 of you!) will automatically receive all of the updates in their Rav library.  Unfortunately, if you picked up the original pattern when it was offered as a free download, you will not have access to the updated version, but will still have access to the old format.

The design calls for 2-12 balls of Knit Picks Wool of the Andes Tweed worsted weight yarn (between 160 and 1250 yards) and US size 6 & 7 circular needles. Here's what you get with this purchase: 

-Directions to knit 18 sizes! from 6 months old up to Adult 4X, including schematics
-An entire page of Shaping Suggestions to achieve a shapely fit (especially helpful for women's vests)
-52 Custom Designed "Magical" Initial Letters, (the full alphabet in Adult and Child scale), plus blank charts if you'd prefer to design your own
-Access to bonus finishing instructions here on the blog
-Pattern support directly from me, should you have any questions
-PLUS: A jump start on your Christmas Knitting!

Model has hip circ of 34” and chest circ of 32”. Her vest was knit in a sz S at the hip, then decreased evenly to an XS at the bust for a more flattering fit—instructions for shaping your vest can be found on p. 3 of the pattern PDF. 

All information, including the letter charts, is included in your PDF download (yielding a 22 page document).  To save ink and paper, please refer to the table below to print only the pages you need!

For all letters, all sizes, please print p. 1-8 for knitting instructions PLUS:
p. 9 Adult A, B, C, D p. 16 Child A, B, C, D
p. 10 Adult E, F, G, H p. 17 Child E, F, G, H
p. 11 Adult I, J, K, L p. 18 Child I, J, K, L
p. 12 Adult M, N, O p. 19 Child M, N, O
p. 13 Adult P, Q, R, S p. 20 Child P, Q, R, S
p. 14 Adult T, U, V, W p. 21 Child T, U, V, W
p. 15 Adult X, Y, Z p. 22 Child X, Y, Z

Find full details or purchase on Ravelry!  I would be so grateful if you'd take just a few moments to click through to take a look at the pattern page!  And don't forget to enter MAGICOCTOBER at checkout to save 33%!

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