Yarn Along : TOTO

I finished in time!  It took two solid weeks of knitting, but I finished my TOTO in time for our family pictures.  Of course, now that it's done, I wish I would have arranged the colors differently...perhaps a TOTO #2 is in my future...

Other than that project, which took up every waking minute for days, I've been working on a revamp of my final newbie pattern with a corresponding vest in larger sizes.  I've also got a beanie/tam in the works that will be ready for testers soon and ideas for two different pairs of fingerless gloves, not to mention two adult sweaters, one for men and one for women.

Next year is going to be super busy on the designing front!

I've been reading Shawl Design in Plain English Pt 2 by Julie Riede to work on ideas for a Mystery Knit Along that I'd love to host early next year (with a Dr. Who theme no less!)  (Full disclosure, I wouldn't necessarily recommend the book.  There's good information in it, for sure, but it's a 3 part book at about $20/each and really all parts should have been included and printed together for that price.  I'm frustrated that it wasn't clear that that was the product I would be receiving and I feel slightly ripped off.  Great info, but I'd love to have the other 2 parts of the book, as they refer to each other but are divided out...and I would never have paid $60 for a reference book like this...just my two cents.)

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