Deck the Halls

I caved.  I totally did.  In my defense, I was trying to do something sweet for my husband, who doesn't particularly enjoy putting up the Christmas decorations.  Since he was away for the weekend, I thought it would be a fun activity for me and the kids to put up the tree to surprise him when he returned.  Also, we're celebrating Christmas at Thanksgiving this year with part of the family, so I want to get the kids in the holiday spirit ahead of that.  I think it will make things a lot more fun!

A sweet friend of mine came by to help me pull boxes out of the attic so I didn't break my neck.  Honestly, I was kind of impressed with myself that there were so few--a tree and three boxes.  I went through our things last year as I put them away and discarded lots of decorations that we just didn't love.  I'm comfortable putting up an 8' slimline tree and stockings, displaying a few Christmas textiles, and this year the kids are decorating mini-trees (the decorations are tucked away in their Advent calendar) but that's really it.  I also have a set of Pfaltzgraff Winterberry dishes passed down from my grandmother-in-law that we love to use instead of everyday dishes this time of year.

I've heard the argument that we should just let each holiday have it's own time in the spotlight and not 'skip ahead' which is pretty sound reasoning, but Christmas is just such a magical time, I can't help but want it to last a little longer.  Also, with Isla's birthday on December's highly likely that we'll be taking down all the Christmas decorations on Christmas evening.  So...I think it evens out.  ;)
What about you?  Are you feeling the holiday magic yet?

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