Gift Along Favorites

Hi All!  You may have seen my Yarn Along post Tuesday about how I'm (always) feeling hopelessly over-committed!  I'm pretty sure it's a common problem, especially among knitters who see a design they love and just. have. to. knit. it!

So, instead of taking on more projects at this rather busy time of year, I wanted to share a list of some of the designs that I would be knitting if days were endlessly long and I had a housekeeper to take care of the boring stuff like laundry and dishes ;)  I'm linking directly to the design, and also to the designer's Gift-A-Long 2015 Ravelry Sale Bundle--the sale ends Friday night at 11:59pm EST, so snap these up quick if you like them too!

Kantha Cardigan by Jennifer Beaumont

Allotrope Hat by Kimberly Voisin

Whitefish Ripples by Faye Kennington

Oakberry by Carol Sunday

Mixed Media by Carol Sunday

Onwards and upwards cardigan by Elizabeth Felgate

Marian Shrug by Taiga Hillard

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