Gift Along Goals

I'm in awe of the fantastic designers that are participating this year!  I have chosen 5 projects to work on during the 6 week Knit Along event (from now until New Year's Eve) and I wanted to share my goals and hopefully inspire you to join in!  It was so hard to choose just 5...I know I'm going to be stocking up on patterns for next year too!  I've linked directly to each designer's pattern, and also to their GAL Bundle so you can check out all of their fantastic designs too!

For my cowl entry, I've chosen Lace and Stripes Cowl by Brandy Velten.  I have some KP Gloss Fingering in Hawk and a skein of Lorna's Laces Solemate in Monkeyshines that I think will make a gorgeous, neutral cowl!  I know already that I'm going to want to keep this one, but I am actually making it for a gift.

The second design I'm going to work on is And Then There Were Mitts by Maureen Foulds. Someone I know is quite picky about the construction of his fingerless mitts, and these are perfect.  I love the folded down cuff that can be pulled up to keep fingers warm.  Two skeins of Malabrigo Finito in Glitter colorway (I know, it sounds fancy, but it's just a lovely brown color) will soon be transformed into soft and warm mitts for Michael.

Those are my two smaller knits.  Now for the sweaters.  I really have a thing for sweaters!  I'll be knitting Eszter's, aka wondrlanding, brand new design Fold.  Isn't is amazing?  I haven't read through the pattern yet, but I'm excited to learn how those lovely folds are created!  Yay for new techniques!  I can't quite decide between KP Gloss Fingering in Jade or Valley Yarns Leyden in Teal/Dark Purple/Black...either one will be gorgeous on Isla.

And it wouldn't be fair to make something for her but not Luca, so I've chosen Colin by Gabrielle Danskknit (I'm not sure that I can use her photo, so please click the link to see how adorable it is!)  I'm super excited about that collar, and about using up some more stash--this time Berroco Vintage in a lovely discontinued earthy colorway.

And finally (in case you didn't think I was crazy already), I am just in love with Jennifer Dassau's Blue Honey.  I have 15 skeins of KP Comfy Worsted Heathers in Porter Heather on its way to me that I picked up for $1/ball during the sale!, and it really needs to become something beautiful!  I can see myself wearing this sweater all. the. time!

I'll be the one living on caffeine and developing carpel tunnel, lol! ;) What are you knitting for GAL?  I'd love to hear all about it!  Leave me a comment (with your RavID) so we can pal around!

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