Let's Skip Fall

So I wrote last week about how I'm so jealous of all of you in other parts of the country and the glorious Falls you're having complete with changing leaves, cool temps, sweaters, plaid and hand knits :P

So I've decided to just skip Fall entirely and go straight to Christmas.  No...I'm not going to be one of those obnoxious people blaring Christmas music in the car line at school.  Or the person who puts up the tree the day after Halloween.  I'm more the type who already has 100% of the Christmas presents purchased and 90% of them wrapped...yeah, that's me...

I will wait patiently until after Thanksgiving for any mention of dragging trees and ornaments out of the attic.  But I will play "Sweater Weather" and "Hipster Holidays" Pandora stations, start putting the children's Christmas books into the bedtime reading rotation and cook and bake some of our holiday favorites.

So in that spirit--the spirit of almost-Christmas, if you will--I planned a little craft project for Luca and Isla this weekend.  I purchased blank ornaments and paint at Hobby Lobby and asked them to decorate them for our family.  It was really enjoyable, for about 15 minutes, until Isla started smearing paint all over the place (on accident of course) and had to be carted off for a bath before she painted the entire kitchen!  I'm really pleased with their artwork.  See?

It was nice to sit down with the kiddos and work on a project, despite the fact that it was a total mess!  We also went for a nice walk and cuddled up for a couple of movies.  The rest of my weekend was spent putting all the finishing touches on Bluejay and Baby Bluejay, polishing up the Bluejay Collection e-book, and fixing an error in Gilded Flicker that one of my fabulous testers came across that had been completely missed!  Crisis averted!

My other holiday accomplishment for the weekend was this gorgeousness.  Yum!  I even roasted the pie pumpkins so it's made entirely from scratch!

Are you feeling the holiday spirit yet?


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