Christmas Crafty

It's been so hard to feel in the Christmas spirit this year.  I think the easy thing to blame it on is the weather--it's been downright warm in Texas.  Hard to feel merry and bright when you're leaving the house in short sleeves and flip flops :(

We spent the rainy weekend inside playing games and painting.  Isla is determined to do anything Luca does and I have to hand it to her--she does a pretty great job!  Luca came up with the idea to paint some wooden strips like Minecraft blocks, cut them apart into cubes, then glue them together into some structure or another, so we got out the paints and smocks and he got right down to work.  Knowing Isla wouldn't want to miss out, I pulled out a few scrap pieces of balsa wood for her to paint.  She was so happy to do a "big kid" activity!

I was surprised at how well that painting activity went (read: how little paint ended up everywhere but the craft!), so the very next day we pulled out some mini "gingerbread" houses I picked up a Target and had another painting activity!

Thank goodness for crafty kids!  What a nice way to spend a couple of hours together!

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