Happy December!

Hello friends!  Can you believe it's December already?  I have so much left on my to-do list and new ideas are cropping up everyday!  I'm about 1/3 of the way finished hand quilting Luca's Confetti Quilt, so that's a good start.  But my knitting is woefully behind.  I finished my Lace and Stripes Cowl and I love it!  I've gotten started on And Then There Were Mitts...but the sweaters for the kids haven't been cast on yet. I'm almost finished with my Bowties Are Cool sample for the Mystery Knit Along I'm hosting in January, and once that's written up and off to my TE Liz I should have a little more knitting time.

Despite all the unfinished projects, I'm so excited to get started with the Christmas and holiday season.  We're trying something different for our advent calendar this year.  Last year we put together a homemade Lego Countdown Calendar for Luca, which he really loved.  But we just weren't feeling inspired this year, so we decided to put a pin in that idea and maybe revisit it next year.

Instead, I purchased mini trees at Hobby Lobby for each kiddo along with a bunch of mini ornaments and decorations.  I dressed up a plain paper maché advent calendar box with fun paper and some gold number stickers and put a couple of ornaments and a piece of candy in each drawer.  I'm so excited for Luca to come home from school to see this surprise!  I think it will be a fun way for the kids to count down.

Also...look who came to visit.  (Our elf, Steve, is pretty lazy and only does the bare minimum as far as shenanigans and hiding, etc.  We came up with all sorts of creative stories to explain why he hadn't moved from one day to the next last year...I'm anticipating we're going to have to put our thinking caps on again this year!)


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