Yarn Along : Homesteading Dreams

I am IN LOVE with this book.  Cecilia, the author of this collection of letters, exudes such a positive and hopeful attitude, even when circumstances seem bleak.  The detail she gives about everyday occurrences, like washing, cooking, traveling and living on a homestead in general just make my heart sing!  I've been a little uninspired in the kitchen lately, but this past week I've made several loaves of bread, a raspberry pie and done lots of healthy and tasty cooking.

I'm knitting away at my book samples.  I'm tentatively scheduling the photo shoot for early February and there are still a number of pieces to get done before then.  I think hiring sample knitters should be something I look into for my next book collection...they would be well worth the expense...

Wishing you a wonderful week!  Linking up with Ginny for Yarn Along and Nicole for Keep Calm, Craft On.

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