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I’m finally done with book samples!  Hooray!  I’ve got a post scheduled for next Wednesday with a few teaser pics, and then the e-book releases on Tuesday, February 23rd!  If you’d like to receive a special email newsletter with some more details about the patterns included (and a special subscriber-only coupon code) please sign up here prior to launch day to join the mailing list!  Your info is safe with me (I won’t share it with anyone) and I send about one newsletter a month, so I solemnly swear to not clog up your inbox!

I hardly know what to do with myself, now that the book samples are done.  It took a couple of days to decide on a project, but I’ve settled on Blue Sand Cardigan by La Maison Rililie.  It’s really really clever–I love the way to shoulder set up is going so far, and the table included in the pattern is genius for staying on track!  It will be nice once everything is established to have some solid stockinette sections to mindlessly knit on.  Working from someone else’s pattern is lovely and I’m thoroughly enjoying the break.


I’ve stalled out a bit on my previous book and am contemplating rereading some of my favorite tweeny-vampire novels.  Don’t judge me 😉

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