Knitting Jewelry

IMG_4047blogI’m nearly there with the new collection.  Just a couple more legwarmers and then a photo shoot and final edits.  And who doesn’t love coordinating stitch markers?  I just had to carve out some time to make some!

The final Clue of my Bowties Are Cool MKAL releases tomorrow–if you’re at all interested in picking up the pattern don’t forget to grab your copy before the last clue goes live Thursday morning when the promotional pricing runs out!

And if you’ve been knitting along with us (thank you!) don’t forget to post a pic and link to your project page for your finished shawl in the Prize Drawing thread that will open up tomorrow for your chance to win a fantastic prize package!  I’ve tossed in a set of 6 Dr. Who stitch markers too, just to sweeten the deal!

You can see all the details for the drawing here.  And you can access the pattern page and coupon code here.

Linking up with Ginny today for Yarn Along and with Nicole for Keep Calm, Craft On.

8 comments on “Knitting Jewelry

  1. I love the red and gray contrast. I always use yarn as my stitch markers and it always ends up shredding and almost falling off. I should invest in some pretty and more durable stitch markers.

    • You should definitely give them a try Jill! I’m very particular about the kind of stitch markers I like to use–I’m going to be selling some in my Etsy shop in a couple of weeks! I hope you’ll stop by and take a peek!

    • You could just start at the beginning of the modern Doctors with Christopher Eccleston in Season 1. Unfortunately, I think they just took seasons 1-7 (8 maybe?) off of Netflix! I’m not sure what the best way to watch them is now 🙁

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