Easter Memories

How was your Easter?  Ours was a relaxing day at home with family.  The kids hunted eggs no less than 3 times and they both loved it!  Isla was definitely into it this year, and Luca was a great big brother to leave the easy ones for her!  We like to put coins in Easter eggs (so there's less candy, really) so Isla got her very own piggy bank to collect her finds.

I ordered a set of playsilks from Stephinie Miner of Sweetbrier Farms and we gave those to Luca for his Easter gift.  He enjoys "playing Minecraft" IRL and using the silks as fireballs and ice power...Michael remarked that he's LARPing already...oh no...  Of course Isla immediately turned the silk into a headscarf :)

 Hoping you had a lovely long weekend with your family!


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