Scatterbrained in the Spring

I have this urge to knit all the sweaters.  Why is that?  It's been 70+ degrees F here in the sweltering state of Texas...why would my brain possibly think I needed three or four or five cozy cuddly wool sweaters?  Get with the program brain!

That totally doesn't mean I'm not going to knit some now tho...strike while the iron is hot, right?

So I've finished my first #61dayspringcleanstashdown shawl--Kirsten Kapur's Andrea's Shawl in some gorgeous Sunshine Yarns Merino Sport from My Sister Knits in Fort Collins, CO...just in time to go show it off on our trip there this week!  I got straight to work casting on the next shawl, Nefertem, in another MSK yarn--MJ Yarns Rustic Fingering.  I don't usually choose variegated yarn, but I'm hoping this simple pattern is a nice complement to the lovely colors.

And, of course, there's the sweater I mentioned.  I purchased two full bags of Valley Yarn Northampton Sport in Lake Heather (plus a lot of other colors/quantities) when they discontinued it for an insane price (but why didn't I buy more???)  Seriously, this yarn is great, and I'm SO SAD they discontinued it!  I didn't want to design something with it, since you can't really get your hands on it anymore, but I had the hardest time deciding on just one sweater pattern!  I looked and looked, I thought I had it figured out, and at the last second decided to go with Amy Christoffer's Pomme de Pin Cardigan.  I'm so happy with my choice--it's going to be awesome!  But it will have to wait til we get back next week...I don't have suitcase space to pack 20 cakes of yarn.  Sad, right?  I DID make room to pack my finished Blue Sand Cardigan (yay!) so hopefully I can share some awesome modeled pics next week :) Update: TADA!

I have also just learned that 5 of my designs have been accepted to Knit Pick's IDP Program, so there will be LOTS of sample knitting when I get back too!  Yay!  (5 new designs more than doubles my portfolio with them--I'm so excited!)

I've been just about as scatterbrained in my book choices too--a little of my American History Daily Fact book, some more of the collection of letters about homesteading, and I'm still thinking about restarting those tweeny vampire novels!  I've been making a real effort to get more sleep and not work so late into the evenings...maybe the decreased time for hobbies is to blame for all of this jumping from project to project.  I'm sure I'll settle in eventually.

What have you been working on this week?  How's the destashing going?  I've worked through 2 skeins, and only purchased 14...that's good, right?  ;)  Share your stash down efforts with my on IG using #61dayspringcleanstashdown, and tag me @alovelyhomemadelife

See you next week! Linking up with Ginny for Yarn Along and Nicole for Keep Calm, Craft On.

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