Sleeves Take Forever

I am very firmly in the territory of "impossible to photograph" with my Blue Sand Cardigan.  It's grown to nearly-complete-sweater size and there's just not a good way to get the whole thing in frame.  And, until it's blocked, it looks really wonky here you go--this is as good as it gets ;)

I just started reading this book...I'm pretty burnt out on diets, but I like that this method doesn't prescribe counting calories or denying carbs or many of those popular "diet ideologies" that end up being really negative for me.  I've only read the first chapter so far, but I'm feeling encouraged.

My 61 Day Spring Clean Stash Down Challenge officially started yesterday!  You can read all about my little idea in this post, and I've shared my goals in this post from yesterday.  I really hope you'll join in!  #61dayspringcleanstashdown on IG :)  No need to formally commit to anything, just share some of your efforts to work through stash!

Linking up with Ginny for Yarn Along and Nicole for Keep Calm, Craft On.  See you next week! Edited to add:  Congratulations to Steph and Ella--the winners of last week's Bowties Are Cool Companion Collection giveaway!  Please check your inboxen for an email from me to arrange the details!  Thanks for playing!

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