Take It Easy

Despite all of my many, many projects, I've been trying my best to take it easy the last week or two.

I'm not staying up til midnight these days, but trying to get to bed by 10 or 10:30pm.  I'm not putting a lot of undue pressure on myself to finish this and clean that and start this new thing. I recently read The Adrenal Reset Diet, and it really makes a lot of sense.  I noticed an uptick in weight trouble a couple of years ago, just after Isla was born.  (Not that it hasn't always been a struggle, but it seemed insurmountable at that point)  She was up several times a night, as is to be expected from a newborn, but on top of that I was staying up late to work and getting up at 5am to go to the gym.  All of that extra pressure I put on myself, coupled with the chronic lack of sleep, has been very detrimental.

She's 26 months now, and still doesn't sleep through the night (she has nightmares/night terrors) and I think her favorite thing in the world is to wait until I've been in bed for 10 minutes and then start screaming...how does she know?!?!  But instead of half a dozen trips upstairs each night, I'm usually only up there once or twice, so that seems like a dramatic improvement to me.

During the day, I'm putting the necessities first and then asking myself what sounds enjoyable to work on in the down time.  So far, that's been a foray into gluten-free baking from scratch, sample knitting (that needs to get done, but it's still fun!), rewatching The Riches on Netflix from time to time and working on creating a line of stitch markers to sell on Etsy.  I've been much less stressed out, and when combined with extra sleep and a gluten-free, dairy-free, egg-free carb-cycling diet, I've been feeling so much better!

Thanks for reading my little confessional!  It's been really easy to modify my diet in this way (unlike most diets I've tried in the past).  Cutting out all processed foods and sugar seemed like it would be impossible, but now that they're gone, I don't even want them.  It's a really nice feeling.

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